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Gidgee Eyewear Cleancut Black

Inventory Code:
Cleancut Black
$120.00 inc. GST


Gidgee Eyewear Australia provides Auslralian sports and leasure riders with specific eyewear that takes advantage of the best technology available for sports eyewear. Each pair of sunglasses comes with both polarized lens for the summer and lighter winter lens that are easily interchangable. As well as a soft cleaning pouch and protective carry case.

Extra Information

If you require replacement polarised lenses for your Gidgee eyes you will need to contact Gidgee eyes and you can buy new lens from them directly


Gidgee Eyewear has been specifically designed by and for Australian riders and the result is that the sunglasses are light weight, they grip securely, they flex and fit comfortably and easily under most head wear used by Australian horse sports enthusiasts.

The lenses used in Gidgee Eyewear are the best quality lenses available and provide 100% filtration of UV light (A,B,C & D). Each pair is provided to you with both a Polarized Summer lens and a lighter Winter lens.

The alternate lenses are easily interchangable when required. This provides the wearer with complete UV protection under a wide variety of light conditions. Additional lenses can be purchased as and when required.

Gidgee Eyewear frames are made from the most flexible nylon composites available. This reduces nose and temple pressure, weight and discomfort which lead to extended wear and practicality.

Endorsed by Jason Leitch and Mark Buttsworth.